MOLL&RELL BACK AGAIN - DECEMBER 2016: Going home for the holidays is always tough but luckily the folks at Suppression Press have some help for you after this election season! Because nothing bad ever came from staying silent.  Written by and starring Molly Anne Coogan & Arielle Siegel.



THINGS I HATE WINS SEESO'S BEST COMDEDY AWARD NBC UNIVERSAL - OCTOBER 19, 2016: Lady Grooming, Episode 1 of Molly's web series Things I Hate, won Seeso's Best Comedy Award at NBC Universal's 2016 Short Film Festival held in Los Angeles on October 19, 2016.  You can read more about the winners on Deadline.

Molly accepting the Seeso Best Comedy Award

MOLLY NOMINATED BEST ACTOR FOR NBC UNIVERSAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL - OCTOBER 9, 2016: Molly has been nominated for Best Actor for her performance in Lady Grooming, episode 1 of her web series Things I Hate for the NBC Universal Short Film Festival.  Screening and awards ceremony will be October 19, 2016 at the DGA Theatre in Los Angeles.

Molly Anne Coogan


MOLL&RELL VIDEO ON MOVEON.ORG - OCTOBER 9, 2016: Moll&Rell's latest political sketch for was listed as a must watch before the October 9th debate and has over 47,000 views and climbing.

THINGS I HATE - NBC FINALIST & HOLLYWOOD REPORTER FEATURE- OCTOBER 19, 2016: Lady Grooming, Episode 1 of Molly's web series, Things I Hate, was selected as an official Finalist for NBC Universal's Short Film Festival.  It will be part of the finale screening and awards ceremony at the DGA theatre in Los Angeles on October 19, 2016.  The finalist judging panel is comprised Tracey Wigfield (writer-producer The Mindy Project), Randall Park (Fresh Off The Boat), Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond director) and more.  You can read about the finals in the Hollywood Reporter.

MOLL&RELL TRUMP SKETCH ON FUNNY OR DIE FRONT PAGE - SEPTEMBER 29, 2016: Moll&Rell's newest political sketch, BEFORE IT ENDS YOU PSA, was featured on the front page of the comedy site Funny or Die.


MOLL&RELL SKETCH WITH MOVEON.ORG - AUGUST 25, 2016: MoveOn selected a new sketch by Moll&Rell to screen at their Laughter Trumps Hate event at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York, hosted by Negin Farsad.  

NBC UNIVERSAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL - AUGUST, 16 & 17 2016: Molly attended NBCUniveral's Short Film Festival representing her show, Things I Hate.  Find out more about the festival on NBC's site:

NBC UNIVERSAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL FEATURES THINGS I HATE - AUGUST, 2016: Lady Grooming, episode 1 of Molly's web series Things I Hate, was selected as a semi-finalist for NBC Universal's prestigious Short Film Festival.  Screenings are August 16th and 17th in New York.  Tickets available here.  Find out more about the festival on NBC's site:

NEW MOLL&RELL SKETCH - JULY 11, 2016: Moll&Rell know that finding that special "someone" can be tough, so they wrote a sketch about it.  Check out their newest release, "Unconditional Love" with over 3,000 Facebook views.

MOTHERBUFFER FEATURED BY ELIZABETH BANKS - MAY 23, 2016: Moll&Rell's latest sketch was posted by Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect) and continues to get great coverage.  

PRIMARY STAGES FRESH INK READING - CAROLINE V. MCGRAW - MAY 24, 2016:  "Hazel just got married to a nice man and started a nice job. But Hazel doesn't remember how. A play about the slipperiness of self." Molly will be playing Hazel with Laura Savia directing in this reading, part of Primary Stage's Fresh Ink series.  Tickets are free.  More info here: 

PERRY MANSFIELD NEW WORKS FESTIVAL COLORADO - JUNE 2016: Molly will be heading out to Perry Mansfield in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to workshop a new play by Tasha Gordon-Solmon and reuniting with director Meredith McDonough of Actors Theatre of Louisville, with whom she previously worked at TheatreWorks, California.

NEW SKETCH FROM MOLL&RELL - APRIL 20, 2016: Motherbuffer, the newest sketch from Molly's comedy duo Moll&Rell that brought you Nickelblock, has dropped!  Written by and starring Molly and Arielle Siegel, directed by Molly.  Check it out: Featured on Huffington Post, Daily Dot, Death & Taxes, and more.

THINGS I HATE CROWDFUNED OVER $21,000 - APRIL 1, 2016: Molly's webseries, Things I Hate, successfully crowdfunded over $21,000 from over 170 individual supporters to finish out the first season in full.  Pre-production on the next 3 episodes will begin in late spring.

MOLLY BLOGS ON BEING A FEMALE PRODUCER FOR BITCH FLICKS - MARCH 11, 2016: Molly was asked by the female filmmaking site Bitch Flicks to write about her experience as a woman producer.  She talks about the hiring process, putting together her team, and recounts a story about one gal in particular who helped save the shoot.  Check it out here:

MOLLY BLOGS ON FEAR FOR SEED&SPARK - MARCH 9, 2016: Seed&Spark asked Molly to write about the experience of making her show.  In her article "Will My Mom Like This AKA Fear Blows" Molly discusses overcoming the fear associated with making original work.  "We often sensor ourselves or stop short because of the fear of approval or lack there of but you can't make honest work or feel fulfilled if you're trying to fill someone else's idea of what's "good."You can read it here:

MOLLY INTERVIEWED BY SHE DOES THE CITY - MARCH 3, 2016: Check out this fun interview with Molly on She Does the City (waddup Canada!).  She talks about things she hates like mayonnaise, outer space, and what she'd do if she weren't an actor.

MOLLY FEATURED ON OFF AND ON PODCAST - FEBRUARY 22, 2016: Molly was interviewed for the great theatre podcast "Off and On" by host Bernardo Cubria on episode 123.  She talks about her career, getting sick for almost 2 years, and making her show.  Give it a listen here.

THINGS I HATE - THE A.V. CLUB PREMIERE & MORE PRESS - FEBRUARY 17, 2016: Things I Hate exclusively premiered on the critically acclaimed entertainment site The A.V. Club.  The show was featured as the Indie Spotlight on Tubefilter, got a great shout-out of support from Ars Nova, and an awesome write-up on Comedy Cake.  Check out the episodes and their campaign to finish Season 1 on Seed&Spark.

THINGS I HATE - RELEASE DATE - FEBRUARY 17, 2016: Molly's webseries, Things I Hate, will debut February 17, 2016.  The two pilot episodes feature Zuzanna Szadkowski (Girls, The Knick, Gossip Girl), Stephen O'Reilly (Orange is the New Black, Inside Amy Schumer), Chris Bannow (The Elephant Man with Bradley Cooper/Broadway/London's West End), Dylan Dawson (Nurse Jackie, Movies Starring Movies) and Michael Daily (Cottage in West Ireland, Loves Cheese).

CREATIVE & EDITORIAL DIRECTION FOR NEW APP - FEBRUARY 2016: Molly is writing and doing creative editorial work for an incredible new app that's being designed for kids and families.  She's excited about it, but can't really tell you about it (yet).  More information to come.

TEACHING AT BATES COLLEGE - FEBRUARY 2016: Molly will be co-teaching a 3 day acting and audition workshop to theatre students at Bates College in Maine with her pal, director Stephen Brackett.

FILMING PROMO FOR NEW APP - DECEMBER 17, 2015: After the success of NickelblockMoll & Rell were hired to write and film a promo for a new (real) app that is launching in 2016.  Written by Moll & Rell, directed by Molly.

PRIMARY STAGES READING OF NEW PLAY - DECEMBER 14, 2015: Scenes from Molly's first full-length play will be read as part of the culmination of her playwriting class at ESPA.  Actors in her piece include Kelly Aucoin, Finnerty Steeves, Nate Miller, Vanessa Aspillaga, Sekou Laidlow, and Neil Tyrone Pritchard.

FILMING NEW MOLL & RELL SKETCH - DECEMBER 5, 2015: Filming the follow-up to their viral video NickelblockMoll & Rell have another something funny they've written up their sleeves.  Stay tuned for another sketch coming at you in early 2016 written by Moll & Rell, directed by Molly.

RULE OF 7X7 AT THE TANK - OCTOBER 30, 2015: Molly will be acting alongside Matthew Stadelmann and Bobby Moreno in Jon Caren's play as part of the Rule Of 7x7 series at The Tank directed by Claudia Weill (Girls, My So-Called Life).  Come check out this All Hallow's Eve edition!  Shows at 7:00pm and 9:30pm.  Tickets here!

THINGS I HATE - EPISODES 1 & 2 WRAPPED - OCTOBER 11, 2015:  Molly wrapped shooting on the first 2 episodes of her new series Things I Hate, which she wrote, produced, and stars in.  Cast includes Zuzanna Szadkowski (The Knick, Girls, Gossip Girl) and Stephen O'Reilly (Orange is the New Black, Inside Amy Schumer) and was directed by Liam Brady.  Episodes scheduled for January 2016 release!

NICKELBLOCK FEATURED ON E!, HUFFINGTON POST COMEDY, BUZZFEED, THRILLIST, BUSTLE, HELLO GIGGLES & OVER 270,000+ VIEWS - SEPTEMBER 2015: Nickelblock has been getting tons of great press on Huffington Post Comedy, Buzzfeed, Thrillist, Hello Giggles, E!, Bustle and more. Over 90,000 views in the first few days of being posted and climbing.

NICKELBLOCK SKETCH - SEPTEMBER 2015: Check out the new sketch written by and starring Molly with her pal Arielle Siegel brought to you by Lady Products, a group that produces original comedy content made by women.  Watch Nickelblock here:

52nd STREET PROJECT - HERE.ME.NOW. - AUGUST 2015: Molly's play Wonders of the World will be part of the 52nd Street Project's annual One-on-Ones.  She will also perform and direct alongside a fantastic project kid.  

THINGS I HATE - PRE-PRODUCTION: Molly has teamed up again with Liam Brady, pal and director of her music video, to bring her web series Things I Hate to life.  Shooting scheduled for October 9-11 with Edna Biesold as DP.  Casting news conning soon!

STUDIO 42 SMACKDOWN - MAY 2ND 2015: Molly will be performing in a new one act by Meghan Deans as part of Studio 42's (final) Unproducible Smackdown, from Tony-nominated Artistic Director Mauritz von Stuelpnagel .  5 playwrights, one winner, for the last time ever, directed by Erik Pearson.  More info on and Studio42.

THE END AND THE BEGINNING - THE CIVILIANS AT THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - MARCH 6TH 2015: Molly is delighted to be teaming up once again with The Civilians for their next piece, The End and The Beginning. A magical romp through dying, death, and the afterlife, this performance is staged in the incomparable Temple of Dendur in the Sackler Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  An original work of theatre inspired by narratives uncovered through their investigation into the objects, ideas, and people that inhabit the Met, this work is part of The Civilians' 2014-2015 residency with the museum.  For one night only.  Tickets available through The Met's website.

WORKSHOP OF NEW LUCY THURBER PLAY - NOVEMBER 19TH-21ST 2014: More details to come.

BOOKED SPEC TV SHOOT FOR TBS NETWORK - NOVEMBER 2014:  Molly will be shooting a spec pilot presentation for TBS.  More details to come.

READING NEW PLAY BY SARAH EINSPANIER - NOVEMBER 17TH 2014:  Molly will be playing the role of Rachel in a reading of the new play I Love Sean with direction by Jesse Thurston.

READING NEW LUCY THURBER PLAY - NOVEMBER 14TH 2014: Molly will be in a closed reading of a new Lucy Thurber play.

UCB - GRADUATION SHOW NOVEMBER 8TH 2014: Come check out some improv at UCB Chelsea for our graduation show! 

52ND STREET PROJECT PLAYBACK PLAYS - JUST DESSERTS - OCTOBER 24-26TH 2014:  Molly is back at her favorite place - The 52nd Street Project - directing and performing in the 2014 Playback plays Just Desserts.  You don't want to miss these incredible pieces written and performed by inner city teens and adult directors/performers.  Get your free tickets here.

READING NEW PLAY BY JON CAREN OCTOBER 20TH 2014: Delighted to be teaming up again with playwright pal Jon Caren to read a new play of his (untitled) with Laura Savia leading the charge.

AN ENTOMOLOGIST'S LOVE STORY BY MELISSA ROSS DIRECTED BY STEPHEN BRACKETT - THEATREWORKS, CA- AUGUST 9 - 17TH 2014:   Molly is delighted to be returning to TheatreWorks, California to workshop a brand new play by Melissa Ross, An Entomologist's Love Story, being directed by Stephen Brackett.  Tickets and information about the festival available here.

WORLD'S FAIR PLAY FESTIVAL - QUEENS THEATRE - JULY 18TH - 27TH 2014:  Molly will be appearing in the Queens Theatre's World's Fair Play Festival, a presentation of ten original ten-minute plays inspired by the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs.  Featuring original works by Halley Feiffer, Todd Almond, Wendy MacLeod, Kristoffer Diaz, and Craig Lucas to name a few.  More info here.

CBS's "BLUE BLOODS" - EPISODE AIRS APRIL 11TH 2014:  Catch Molly on Blue Bloods as she plays a badass bartender, Keira, with rad tattoos in a scene with Donnie Wahlberg.  More information about the episode can be found here and you can hear Tom Selleck talk about Molly's fake tattoos on the director's cut!

BOOKED CBS's TV SHOW BLUE BLOODS - SHOOTING MARCH 2014:  Molly will be making her network TV debut on an episode of the CBS drama, Blue Bloods.  She shoots in March and will post airing details as soon as it's available.  For more information about this great show, please visit their site here.

TRADE PRACTICES WORLD PREMIERE - HERE ARTS OCT 16TH - NOV 2ND 2013:  Molly is delighted to originate the role of Polly Tender, a finance executive with an eye patch (yup, an eye patch) in the world premiere of Trade Practices , a new, site specific immersive theatre piece about the economic crisis conceived and directed by Kristin Marting and David Evans Morris with HERE Arts Center.  More details can be found at HERE's website. 

WILLIAMSTOWN THEATRE FESTIVAL FREEWRITE RESIDENCY AUG 11-16TH 2013:  Molly was selected to participate in the Williamstown Theatre Festival's FreeWrite Residency, where she will continue working on her new piece, You Only Die Once.  She joins playwrights Jen Silverman, Madeleine George, Jon Caren, and Max Posner as this year's residents and is grateful for the chance to develop her work at such an incredible place.  More information about the Williamstown Theatre Festival can be found here: 

 BE THE DEATH OF ME WITH THE CIVILIANS JUNE 28TH & 29TH 2013: Molly is extremely excited to be in The Civilians' latest piece, Be The Death of Me, a new installation piece about life and death in New York City at the Irondale Center in Brooklyn.  She'll be playing Allison, a cemetery aficionado!  Tickets and more information at

TANNER’S LAST STAND AT RED FERN THEATRE CO. APRIL 11-28TH 2013: Molly will be appearing in Jen Silverman’s play, Tanner’s Last Stand at Red Fern Theatre Company with direction by Erik Pearson.  It will be part of their festival of new plays, Home.  For tickets and more information, please visit

MAKEOVER! THE MUSICAL - MARCH 18-22 2013: Molly is thrilled to be cast in the workshop of Kim Sherman and Darrah Cloud's musical, Makover, with direction by Nick Demos and musical direction by Larry Yurman.  She will be playing Dinah, the sassy assistant who has a few ideas of her own.

JEFF CALHOUN'S BROADWAY WATCHES THE OSCARS - FEB 24TH 2013: Molly will be singing at Broadway director Jeff Calhoun's Oscar celebration.  Come join a wonderful evening full of fantastic Broadway performers, including the cast of Newsies and Laura Osnes from Cindarella.

terraNOVA COLLECTIVE - DEC 15TH 2012: Molly will be performing in Anna Ziegler's beautiful new short play, A Premonition, directed by Erik Pearson.

ARS NOVA - AUG 7TH @ 10PM: Molly's band, Molly & The Class Acts, will be performing as part of Ars Nova's 54/10 music festival.  Find more info here for tickets.

52nd STREET PROJECT - JUL 20-22 2012:  Molly's play, The Deli Decathlon, that she directed and is performing in will go up this weekend along with some great kids from Hells Kitchen.  Come check it out, along with 9 other plays by talented writers.  52nd Street Project for info.

ARS NOVA - MAR 29TH @ 8PM: Molly is hosting Ars Nova's Showgasm!  Come check out the wacky variety show; it's always a blast.  More info here.

ARS NOVA - OCT 29TH @ 8PM: Molly's show Stairway to Stardom, based on the 1980's public access show of the same name, is going up at Ars Nova as part of ANT Fest 2011.  More info here!

IT COULD BE ACCEPTED INTO FILM FESTIVAL: Molly's music video for her song "It Could Be" has been selected to be part of the Stanford in Entertainment Film Festival in Los Angeles.  Screening in October!

FRINGE NYC: Come check Molly out in Killing John Grisham as part of the NYC Fringe Festival.

MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE: Molly's music video for her song It Could Be off of her album Dropping Anchor has been released!  Check it out here.  Filmed in one, continuous uncut shot.

O'NEILL NATIONAL PLAYWRIGHTS CONFERENCE: Molly will be workshopping Anna Ziegler's new play, An Incident, as part of the O'Neill Theatre Center's National Playwrights Conference.  More information and performance on the O'Neill website.