Things I Hate is an award winning web series written, created, and produced by Molly Anne Coogan.  It chronicles the indignities and humiliations of a nice gal living in New York with each episode about a "hateable" thing.  The first two pilot episodes, "Lady Grooming" and "Weed" premiered on February 17, 2016 on the A.V. Club.  It won the Seeso Best Comedy Award at the 2016 NBC Universal Short Film Festival.

Episodes feature the talents of Zuzanna Szadkowski (Girls, The Knick, Gossip Girl), Stephen O'Reilly (Orange is the New Black, Inside Amy Schumer), Chris Bannow (The Elephant Man starring Bradley Cooper, Broadway/West End), Dylan Dawson (Nurse Jackie, Movies Starring Movies), and Michael Daily (Cottage in West Ireland, Loves Cheese).  Both episodes are directed and co-produced by her pal and collaborator, Liam Brady.

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